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About Solihull Sixth Form College

Who we are and what we do?

The Sixth Form College, Solihull is a specialist provider of A level, BTEC and CACHE education to 16-19 year olds from Solihull and Birmingham. With more than 40 subjects on offer, the College offers one of the widest range of courses in the region.

Our College is for people who:


• We ASPIRE to be outstanding: academically, professionally and personally.

• We INVEST fully in all we do, knowing that the more effort we commit the more benefits we can access.

• We RESPECT each other, ourselves and our environment.

These principles underpin all the policies and regulations which manage how we work together as students, staff, parents and trustees. The culture and ethos that these values sustain create the capacity to transform life chances, enabling all of us to stretch our potential to the full.

The College is also part of the Ninestiles Academy Trust, for which the Mission Statement reads:

Strength through Diversity
Ambition through Challenge
Excellence through Curiosity

• In our Trust, we celebrate the rich and diverse school communities that make up our schools. Sharing, listening to and respecting each other’s views and beliefs make our Trust stronger. We support each other, honouring our different backgrounds, to create a safe and equal environment for all.

• We are fiercely ambitious for all our pupils and challenge them to do their best, every lesson, every day. We check their achievement and progress against the highest national standards. This ensures that we are always looking for ways to improve, and that we insist, relentlessly, on the highest standards of teaching and learning. Everyone in the Trust is continually challenged to improve on their previous best.

• Curiosity is the engine of intellectual achievement. In our Trust, we encourage and provoke pupils’ curiosity so that they are inspired to seek out new knowledge, learn new skills and achieve excellence. Curiosity is closely linked to empathy, helping us all to develop better relationships. The life of a curious person is never boring!


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